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30 minute DoTERRA HDClear Facial

HDClear is a line of natural and highly effective products that address problem skin at its core. This three-step system works synergistically to purge skin of its impurities; promote a smooth, clear complexion; and help reduce the appearance of blemishes. HDClear facial is accompanied with a Nova Ultra Violet Ray Treatment. This facial is perfect for young and active adults.


   75 minute DoTERRA Verage Hydration Facial

Do Terra Verage is an exclusive collection of natural skin care products that nourish your skin, helping to reduce the visible signs of aging while also promoting smooth, hydrated skin. The advanced plant technology used in Verage promotes an optimal lipid balance-the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin. The facial incorporates the Nova Ultra Violet Ray Treatment.


75 minute Seacret Blue Facial

Using Dead Sea Minerals and plant based products, Seacret offers a clean line of skincare. It works to improve skin texture and minimize pore size. The Seacret Blue Line features products packed with Peptides, Collagen, and uses Nanotechnology for easy pore absorption.



60 minute Epionce Signature Facial

A European-style facial with an emphasis on deep cleansing, relaxation and massage. Using top of the line Epionce skin care you will receive a cleanse, exfoliation and mask followed by renewal facial lotion application.​


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90 minute Ocean Anti-aging Facial

This Epionce facial will rejuvenate and replenish your skin with a series of products specifically for your skin. You will receive a deep pore cleanse, a refreshing exfoliation, hydrating mask using a Clarisonic regiment, finished with a hydrating moisturizer and facial serum. Also includes warm neck towels and a hand, foot, neck and shoulder massage.​


90 minute Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion is a deep mechanical exfoliation treatment utilizing micronized diamonds that removes dead skin cells to expose fresh new skin. Incorporated with Epionce skin care products, this is an excellent procedure to jump start the skin's natural renewal process. No pain involved. For best results a series is recommended.​


90 minute Microcurrent Facial

Mircocurrent facial therapy with Epionce products, is a completely natural way to exercise the facial muscles so as to achieve many of the same desirable results as a facelift, including a lifted and toned complexion, reduced puffiness and tightened pores. The anti-aging benefits of microcurrent therapy are endless, as it is safe for all skin types, an entirely painless treatment and it can help to eradicate both fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously firming your skin and helping to define your natural features.​


75 Minute Epionce Back Facial

Enjoy a deep cleansing Back Facial from shoulder to tailbone, complete with steam, extractions, shoulder massage,  and hot towels. This body facial comes with our Epionce Line of skincare, customized to fit your skincare needs.


Spa Waxing Services




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