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Ocean Spa Cannon Beach VersaSpa Pro Sunless Tan

Sunless Tanning

Achieve a sun-kissed look without the harmful effects of UV rays through our VersaSpa spray tanning system.

Bronzed glow any time of the year!

Ocean Spa offers the only VersaSpa spray tan system on the Oregon coast. A quick and easy process that leaves you with natural-looking results. It is safer than tanning beds and natural tanning, plus there is no risk of a sunburn. Book your session below.

Why Choose VersaSpa Pro?

Natural & Dark

Control your color from a natural glow to a deep, dark tan.



Hydrating and firming ingredients restores the skin for a longer-lasting tan. Expect it to last 7-10 days.


Skin Rejuvenation

Tanning Solutions infused with marine algae detoxify, firm and rejuvenate the skin.

No Odor

Formulated with Odor-Ban 200™, designed to virtually eliminate tanning odor.

No Orange

VersaSpa uses only premium, Eco-Certified, and skin pH balancing ingredients.

Ocean Spa Cannon Beach VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Model

A quick, gorgeous glow

Ocean Spa Cannon Beach VersaSpa Spray Head

3 spray nozzles create even coverage to avoid streaks, and our heated private spray tan booth makes the experience relaxing and easy.​​

Both Skin & Environmentally Sensitive

  • Gluten Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Non-Comedogenic products

Sunless Tanning Tips

  • We recommend exfoliating well on the day prior to your tan to ensure a longer-lasting tan.

  • The entire tan takes about 20 minutes, and we recommend waiting about 8 hours after your tan to have your first shower. Avoid scrubbing or exfoliating skin during the shower or with a towel to better extend the life of your tan.

  • You may wear a swimsuit, underwear, or be nude for your tan. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

  • The Versa Spa Sunless Tan booth will dry your skin so you may get dressed after the tan is complete.

  • We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing as you leave to help the tan set.

Ocean Spa Cannon Beach VersaSpa Sunnless Tan Pro Pose 1
Ocean Spa Cannon Beach VersaSpa Sunnless Tan Pro Pose 2
1 Spray Tan (VersaPro) - $60
5 Spray Tans (VersaPro) - $240
10 Spray Tans (VersaPro) - $475

Prices are subject to change.

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