CBD Massage

 Ocean Spa CBD massage uses Local Suzi's Lavender CBD Salve and Lotion. The THC Free CBD oil helps target areas experiencing muscle and joint pain, and helps enhance relaxation while decreasing anxiety.

60 min...$120          90 min...$170

Sand Dollar Swedish

Relax with a gentle massage, using long flowing strokes to relieve sore muscles and calm your nervous system.

60 min...$95          90 min...$140

Ocean Deep Tissue

Deep pressure targeting specific area of chronic tension and over worked muscles, while still providing an all over massage.

60 min...$115          90 min...$160

Couples Massage

Relax with a side-by-side massage with a friend or loved one in our couples room.

60 min...$185        90 min...$275

Hot Stone

Melt away with our hot stone massage. Using heated stones from our local beaches to release tension, warm muscles, and relax your mind and body.

60 min...$115          90 min...$160

60 min...$115          90 min...$140

Maternity Massage

Using a special support system, this prenatal massage pampers you while easing tension, swelling and sore muscles.

DoTERRA Aromatherapy Massage

A soothing full body massage incorporating top of the line Do Terra Essential Oils. Each essential oil is hand selected for its individual aromatic properties.​

60 min...$115          90 min...$160